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Pastor Rick Warren Daily Hope: How to Hear from God

    Pastor Rick Warren Daily Hope How to Hear from God: You could buy the finest radio around but, if you don’t tune it in, you are still not going to receive anything, if you do not tune it in; you are not going to be able to hear. No matter how great a radio it is to be tuned in before you can connect to a specific station.


    God called David in the Bible a man after my own heart because David was passionate about hearing from God and because David more than anybody else wanted to hear from God. God spoke to him more than anybody else; God has already given you the capacity to hear him.


    The Bible says you were made in his image and when you are being creative, you are creative in music you are creative at art, you are creative in a business plan, you have created a meal, you are creative with a design, guess what, God looks down and goes that’s my boy, that’s my girl. You are using the ability God gave you.


    God made you in this image, to be creative like the creator and all the equipment that you already need to hear God, you have got, you just have to learn how to tune it in.


    Did you know that whenever you expect something really big from God, you are actually complimenting God because you’re saying God, I believe you are so big that you can take care of this and I am expecting you to answer this problem of this deed in my life in a way that could never be done of my own power.


    Pastor Rick Warren advises us to not turn away from him but turn to him, this because God is always there to here us and speak to us, all we have to do is pay attention.




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