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Pastor Rick Warren Net worth, Biography, Age, Wife, Family etc

    Who is Pastor Rick Warren?

    Dr. Richard Duane Warren popularly known as Pastor Rick Warren, is the founder of saddleback church, and one of the most influential preachers in America, he is often called the “Pope of America’s Evangelism. is an American Southern Baptist evangelical Christian pastor and author. He is the founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church, an evangelical megachurch affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention in Lake Forest, California.

    He was born to his parents Dot Warren, Jimmy Warren amongst his siblings Chaundel Warren and Jim C. Warren.

    Pastor Rick Warren
    Pastor Rick Warren


    Pastor Richard Duane Warren (popularly known as Pastor Rick Warren) was born in San Jose, California on 28th Day of January, 1954 to the family of Jimmy and Dot Warren. The father of Pastor Duane Warren was a minister at the Baptist church and the mum, in the person of Dot Warren was a high school Librarian. It is important to mention that Pastor Rick Warren, was bred in Ukiah Neighborhood, California. Accordingly, as of 2021, Rick Warren is 67 years old. Rick Warren birthday comes up on the 28th day of January every year.

    Rick Warren Wife Kay Warren and Children.

    He is married to Kay Warren and together they have three children named Mathew Warren, Amy Warren and Josh Warren. His son Matthew Warren lost his life to mental health issues.

    Pastor Rick Warren Wife Kay Warren
    Pastor Rick Warren and
    his Wife Kay Warren

    Pastor Rick Warren Net Worth

    Rick Warrens net worth is approximately $30,000,000 (thirty million US dollars). Like some other pastors, his sources are numerous, he has books that have been and are being sold all around the world, and he also made some money from his salary from the church and from public engagements.

    Rick was said to earn about $350,000 (Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand US Dollars) monthly from the sales of his books and the church salary, however, since Rick Warren became successful with his books, he stopped taking salary from the church and he returned 25 year’s worth of salary to the church.

    His is a great and talented author, his books have gone far and wide, his book “The Purpose Driven Life” sold over 30 million copies it is the second most translated book in the world. This led to him becoming a Best Times Seller. His book the purpose driven life has also led to a set of conference among ministers and pastors. Some of his books include, The Purpose Driven Church, God’s Power To Change Our Life, Everything Is Possible With God, Awesome and The Purpose Of Christmas.

    Rick warren and his wife are reverse tither’s, they give back 90% to the church and run their lives with 10% of their monthly income.

    Rick warren is one of the richest pastors in America but unlike some of his fellow pastors, he does not live the luxurious life, he lives a very simple life. He does not own a jet or a yacht, he also drive an old ford car. He also knows some very influential figures like Barrack Obama and McCain who have visited the saddleback church. He was given the opportunity to speak at the inauguration of a former president.

    Pastor Rick Warren Retirement

    After more than four decades, the pastor of one of the largest and most influential churches in the United States, saddleback church declares publicly his readiness to retire and appoint another person to lead the church and congregation.

    Conveying the information to the congreagation through an email after a meeting held at Lake Forest campus, Pastor Rick Warren announced his resignation date and the person taking over from him. According to him, Pastor andy wood of Echo Church will be taking over from him as the lead pastor of Saddleback church.

    Below is the picture of Pastor Andy wood of Echo Church who has been chosen as the successor of Rick Warren in Saddleback church.

    Pastor Andy wood Echo Church (successor of Rick Warren in Saddleback church)
    Pastor Andy wood Echo Church (successor of Rick Warren in Saddleback church)


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