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Message By Pastor Perry Stone: Planting Bad Eggs in Your Ears

    Pastor Perry Stone Message Planting Bad Eggs in Your Ears :  For your spiritual growth and development, we have bring to you this new and inspiring message from Pastor Perry Stone titled “Planting Bad Eggs in Your Ears”  In this sermon, Perry Stone revealed that  you had better avoid the “egg planters”. He went on to explain this, making reference to his experience   wherein  a young man recently was sharing with him how some time back … a couple men came by his place of business and they began to spout out and say very very hateful mean and negative things about a minister in the area and he listened to it and they would come back and they would say more. He said he later realized that they were planting seed in him that was beginning to sprout.

    Listen, Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Perry Stone: “Planting Bad Eggs in Your Ears”  and endeavor to stay tuned as we continue to update you with the latest messages from Perry Stone and other pastors around the world.

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