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Pastor Perry Stone Message: 4 Principalities – Demons On The Loose

    Pastor Perry Stone Message 4 Principalities Demons On The Loose : The word principalities originated from the greek word that means the chief one, it is a particular kind of spirit in the kingdom of satan that is dominant and strong. it is usually stronger than the rest of the demons. we see an example of principalities in Daniel vs. 10.

    pastor perry stone tells us of the four strong spirits that are activated in the world today.

    The first spirit is the seducing spirit. seduction in this  context can be likened to being drawn  away from ones true path, apostle Paul when he talked about this was talking of deception as it relates to the scripture people. that is people that will twist the bible to fit situations the way they want it but not as it is meant by God. They take the word of God and explain it completely out of context. Therefore it is important that we study the word of God by ourselves and learn from people who have sound doctrines.

    The second spirit, is the spirit of confusion: this spirit can be found in situations of situations of a kind of sexual immorality,  that involves father and daughter and any other type of sexual relation that is not as it has been set by the divine order, just as it was in the garden of eden for Adam and Eve the first couple. therefore, anytime that divine order set by God is broken, by any form of sexual immorality, there is a spirit of confusion.

    The third spirit  is the lying spirit, it job is to deceive us into telling a half truth or lies. Therefore, anything our imagination comes up with, but its not true and you state it as a fact, you have lied.

    The fourth spirit is the spirit of infirmity, it is a spirit of weakness, moral weakness, spiritual weakness, and even emotional weakness. A woman in Luke 10 was bound by  the spirit of infirmity then Jesus prayed for her and she was free immediately.

    These four spirits are currently working on earth through people, since they cannot work outside a body, we are encouraged to resist the devil, rebuke him and renew our mind.


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