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Pastor Michael Todd Sermon: Cuffed To The Comments

    Pastor Michael Todd Sermon Cuffed To The Comments : Transformation Church shares this sermon and message by Pastor Michael Todd titled “Cuffed To The Comments” which is the Part 7 of the series “Cuffing Season”. This is a deliverance series, and the results should be the fruit of the Spirit. He said that we see that fruit through discipline in our lives, and others should be able to see those results as well. Pastor Todd also asked what we will do when they start talking about that fruit? In this week 7 of Cuffing Season, Pastor Mike Todd teaches us how to deal with the comments of those people who are critical of our calling.

    He said ‘we are called Transformation Church and if you listen to all these messages and do the same thing, you have a hard heart’. The Holy Spirit is knocking at the door of your heart but you’re literally barricading yourself and your soul because you don’t want to change. He prayed that your heart would soften so that you could receive God’s word.

    As you watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church titled ”Cuffed to the Comments”, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all you are believing him for.

    Credit : Transformation church Youtube

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