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Pastor Michael Todd Finall Loses His Favorite Red Hat (see how)

    Pastor Michael Todd Red Hat

    The senior pastor of Transformation church and the husband of Natalie Todd took to instagram to announce his loss of his favorite red hat on the 7th day of April 2022.

    Pastor Todd lost his most cherished and favorite red hat during a water ride. Together with him in the water ride were his wife and friends.

    This is indeed a new begining for Michael Todd and he has become the no hat Michael Todd.

    Reporting the loss of his favorite hat, Michael Todd took to instagram to write :

    I Lost My favorite Red Hat on a water ride today …😡

    Brings a whole new meaning to #nocap🧢

    @jerrylorenzo send help…📍

    by the way—-I am fully comfortable and confident with the high pitch tone of my voice… I call it the “falsetto of faith” 🤣


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