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Pastor Matt Hagee Sermon – “The Attitude of Praise”

    Pastor Matt Hagee Sermon The Attitude of Praise : The Senior pastor of Cornerstone Church and the son of the Pastor John Hagee ”the Cornerstone Church Founder”, Pastor Matt Hagee has come through with an amzing and insightful sermon for spiritual refreshment titled ”The Attitude of Praise”

    Preaching on this sermon, Pastor Matt Hagee said, You can’t beg or complain your way into God’s presence. You praise your way into his presence. Praise is the echo of your heart that fills the hallways of heaven. You can be set free through praise. Praise is powerful and personal. It is not optional.

    Pastor Matt Hagee’s sermon on The Attitude of Praise is a powerful reminder of the importance of gratitude and praise in our daily lives.

    He begins by reminding us of how easy it is to take things for granted and how often we forget to thank God for all the blessings He has given us.

    Pastor Hagee speaks about how the Bible tells us to be thankful in all circumstances and how praise can be a powerful weapon against the enemy.

    He explains that when we express our gratitude to God, we are showing Him that we trust Him and that we are willing to submit to His will.

    He encourages us to make a habit of praising God every day and to always be conscious of the many blessings we have received.

    Pastor Hagee’s sermon on The Attitude of Praise is an inspiring reminder that no matter what our circumstances are, we should always be thankful to God for His love and provision.

    kindly watch and learn from this Matt Hagee Sermon ”The Attitude of Praise” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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    Watch Matt Hagee Sermon ”The Attitude of Praise”

    Video Credit : Hagee Ministries Youtube

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