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Pastor Larry Brey: Biography, Family Life, Ministry, Sermons, & Net Worth

    This article on the Pastor Larry Brey Biography adresses the following questions;

    Who is Larry Brey?

    How old is Pastor Larry Brey? ( age, date of birth and bithday)

    Is Larry Brey married? Who is he married to ?

    Does pastor Larry Brey have children?

    How much is pastor Larry Brey worth? etc

    Pastor Larry Brey Biography

    Larry Brey, fully known as Lawrence Charles Brey, is the campus pastor at Elevation’s University City site.

    Prior to joining Elevation church as a pastor,  Larry Brey worked as a college professor and director of sports medicine at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina.

    Larry Brey was born on June 30, 1970, in North Carolina. He and his four other siblings grew up in North Carolina, and he only has one sister. Both his father and grandpa both served in the military. His grandfather, Grand Pa Gilman, took part in World War 1 while his father was in the Army reserves. His father was an alcoholic, and it affected everyone in the family, therefore he did not grow up in a happy home. Larry had no choice but to look for a way out, and he found one in wrestling.

    Larry was a member of the wrestling team as a teenager, and he excelled. Larry’s older brother also wrestled for the team. He wrestled until he injured his elbow in his freshman year of college. That marked the end of his wrestling career. He spent his entire life trying to escape his problems, especially the problems at home, and he turned to alcohol to do so after his wrestling career ended. Unfortunately, he acted more like his father, and he became an alcoholic until he met Christ.

    After he graduated from college, he became a college lecturer at Gardner-Webb University, in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. He was also the University’s director of sports medicine.

    Pastor Larry Brey age/ date of birth/ birthday

    Pastor Larry of the Elevation church was born on the 30th June 1970 in North Carolina. Accordingly , he is 52 years old (2022). Pastor Brey marks his birthday on the 30th day of June every year.

    Family Life: Pastor Larry Brey wife and Children 

    Pastor Larry Brey is happily married to Janet Brey. The duo tied the marital knot on October 28, 2001.

    Pastor Larry Brey wedding picture

    The marriage has so far been a very happy and lovely one. Larry and Janet Brey’s marriage is blessed with 4 children named : Corbin, Lenya, Daelyn and Karsyn.

    The couple live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Pastor Larry Brey Family

    Pastor Larry Brey son Corbin
    Pastor Larry Brey and his Son Corbin Brey


    Growing up, Pastor Brey attended church only during holy events. His relationship with Jesus became real at 27 and it was during his college when he had followed a friend to Bible study he met Christ.

    Larry Brey was a college professor and director of sports medicine at Gardner-Webb University.  He was also a  athletic trainer, but he abandoned all that to join a group of eight families who supported a young, passionate pastor who wanted to change the world. That young pastor is pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church.

    Pastor Brey, as one of the founding members of Elevation Church, was the one who took the attendance on the first Sunday/service. At first he was the assimilation pastor, but he had to pick on every other role.

    Today, he is currently the campus pastor of Elevation Church University Location, a position he has held for the last 15 years. The campus records about 12,000 members’ attendance every week.

    Pastor Larry Brey Sermons 2021

    Below are some of the remarkably spirit lifting sermons by Pastor Larry Brey

    Between Two Extremes
    It’s Your Time
    The Other Side of promise
    Give Me A Sign
    Don’t Settle For Ordinary
    Fill In The Gap
    The Word On The Street
    Heavy Handed
    Let’s Face It
    One Day
    You can get more of Pastor Brey’s sermon on the Elevation Church YouTube Channel.

    Net Worth
    We cannot estimate the net worth of Pastor Larry Brey. However, his major source of income is from his pastoral work.

    Social Media
    You can follow Pastor Larry Brey on the following Social media platforms:

    Instagram: @lbrey

    Twitter: @LBrey


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