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    JOYCE MEYER SERMON WAYS TO GET HAPPY : Here is another series of Enjoying everyday life by Joyce Meyer. In this message by Joyce Meyer, she said,   Walk in love, loving people just makes you so happy it really does if you want to get happy, just get your mind off yourself, just try that for a week, not going to think about myself, not going to worry about me and what’s going to happen to me, God show me what I can do for somebody else.

    Love is not the way we feel about somebody, love is not a gooey feeling we get heart beating fast weakness, you know when Dave and I got married, I had all that, I mean Dave had not been out of the army too long and he played basketball and he worked out and his muscles in his, you could hardly get a shirt over his muscles, I mean he was one good-looking hunk of man coming in the front door and when he would take me in his arms and kiss me, it was amazing and that felt like love to me.

    Pastor Joyce Meyer said, now look at me, I’m going to tell you something, I didn’t know what love was, I did not even know what it was because I had never had anything but abuse from men, I had no idea what love was, love is not a feeling that you get, now 50 years later, I don’t get weak in the knees when Dave comes in the door, I still think he’s very good looking, now I really know what it means to love, I love Dave deeply but my heart doesn’t pound, my knees don’t get weak.

    Dave found something yesterday, he was reading his founder’s bible, he found some scripture about where back in the old testament, when a man got married, he was excused from having to go to war for a year, for that year the bible says he was to stay home and make his wife happy. I said whoa, we missed that year can we go back and do that, and then it said and after that year, he was free and I thought well you’ve been doing the free part, where’s the year, i want my year of you living just to make me happy.

    When I talked last night about how to love people that are not easy to love and that part of it is forgiveness you know it’s really not, love is not about how you feel about somebody, it’s a decision, don’t forget this it is a decision that you make about how you’re going to treat them, irrespective of what they do and how they behave. Pastor Joyce Meyer wants us to know that to be happy sometimes involves choosing to keep ourselves aside and focus on loving others which usually involves serious forgiveness.

    Watch, listen and meditate on this spirit lifting sermon by Joyce Meyer and stay tuned as we keep updating you you with most recent sermons by all pastors

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