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Pastor Joseph Prince: How To Be Blessed God’s Way (Part 1)

    Joseph Prince Ministries shares this sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince  titled: “How To Be Blessed God’s Way (Part 1)” and you will discover biblical secrets to remaining youthful, healthy & strong for the rest of your life. Pastor Joseph went on via Instagram to declare that “This Year, Things Will Happen So Fast, You Will See Blessings Everywhere”

    Pastor Joseph the lead pastor of New Creation Of Singapore and the Husband of Wendy Prince  who is known for his educational and inspiring sermons has changed the lives of many people in Singapore and America positively through his teachings and lifestyle.

    Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Pastor Joseph Prince “How To Be Blessed God’s Way (Part 1)” as we bring the latest messages from pastors all over the world to you.

    Credit: Joseph Prince Ministries YouTube

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