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    JOSEPH PRINCE SERMON WHY YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW : This message is prophetic for the times that we are in, The Lord is preparing us in this message as to what we are facing and will face in the days to come. What the Lord shared early this year, Let’s look at the temple of Solomon from afar first, we see the chambers, the three floors that is attached to the temple proper.

    The first floor is five cubits broad, then you go up to six cubits broad, And then up to the highest one. The third floor is seven (number of perfection), seven cubits broad. We are always going to a larger place, a wealthier place, and a broader place. So from the first floor to the second floor, they go by the winding stairs, the truth of the winding stairs is this: you gain the maximum height in the shortest amount of time, in the smallest possible space. You know, when you are going up the winding stairs, you can’t see the end but you’re going one step at a time.

    Sometimes you feel like you’re going in circles. Sometimes, it seems like you’re not reaching the top and everyone wants to know what’s going to happen at the end of this crisis. Do we see the light at the end of this tunnel? I want to know what’s going to happen! Will there be a vaccine? Will there be this and that? My friend you don’t have to worry about where it came from and where it’s going to go, God wants you right now to live one day at a time.

    Jesus says: There’s enough provision, there’s enough supply, there’s enough wisdom, there’s enough manna from heaven only for one day at a time. You are trying to worry and use the manna God gives you for today, for tomorrow, and there is no grace there. The grace that comes is only for today; You only have grace for today. So we are actually compelled as God’s children to learn to walk by faith.

    Now, it is to tell ourselves, we live in the present, I’m with my children and with my wife, and I’m in this situation. I want to learn to live in the present, but believe me, you feel like you are regressing during this time. You feel like you could have done more for your job, your career, whatever, during this time you feel like you can make more money, during this time, you feel like you can accomplish much more, You feel like you have all this wasted time. But if you live one day at a time, when you finally look back, you will see that you’re actually making ascension, you are ascending higher and higher, Without even realising it.

    Pastor Joseph prince says, This reminds me of that verse in Psalms 23, He leads me in the paths of righteousness, If you look carefully at the word paths in the Hebrew, it’s actually “circle”. For example, you’re going to bring the sheep to the top, if you make a direct route all the way to the top, it will cause those sheep to be weary and to be discouraged and to, loose strength. Pastor joseph Prince wants us to learn to live in the moment and in today and he wants us to understand that God is a wise shepherd.

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