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    JOSEPH PRINCE SERMON WHY PRAY IF GOD ALREADY KNOWS EVERYTHING : Why pray if God is all knowing? the thing is, this kind of reasoning, this kind of wrong thinking, wrong believing will cause you not to pray because you say God knows all my needs.

    Matthew chapter 6 in the sermon on the mount, Jesus talked on prayer, he says therefore do not be like the gentiles, people who do not know God, for your father knows the things you need of before you ask him. Because of this reasoning, people say look my father knows, God knows all my needs before I ask him so why pray and yet the next verse says in this manner, therefore pray because the father knows your needs in this manner. He didn’t say in this manner therefore don’t pray on the country, he says because your father knows your needs before you ask him now ask. In other words God says I have all these blessings I’m about to bring into your life, favour, wisdom, health, wholeness and more but I need something from your side, what is it? You must consent. You must agree for me to bless you, I cannot bless you beyond your free will; I cannot bless you beyond your violation.

    Do you want this blessing? Prayer is nothing more than an open heart, open mind, open life, open hands. Remember this, you bring nothing to God, we are all empty, God the source brings all his blessings and gifts into your life, so prayer is just an expression of here is my open hand, God cannot bless someone with how sincere the person is, it has a close mind close heart, close hands and saying things like if God want to bless me, God bless me and that’s why it is an expression of so be it. It’s a prayer, it’s the shortest prayer I know says pastor Joseph Prince which means if you hear the word of God being preached, you say amen, God says angel that one wants, that lady wants, pour it on her, another one say amen, angel this one wants it pour it on him.

    Do you want it, if you want it you got to show God that you want it, open mouth open hands that’s prayer. How long do I keep on praying, now why keep on praying, because there is an enemy like I said, it is garden of Eden and there’s no enemy, there’s no need to keep on praying, in fact you’ll hardly have to pray you just think and God answers, but don’t forget if we’re in a fallen world, we need to show God our open hands and that comes by prayer, even when Jesus was here as a man, he would rise up early in the morning and he would pray, if the son of God prays, how much more you and I?

    The bible says, you have not because you ask not therefore, we must always ask from our father in heaven.

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