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Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon: Come To The Feast Of Healing (Part 1)

    Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon Come To The Feast Of Healing (Part 1) : Pastor Joseph prince teaches us to learn how to turn to God in moments of weakness, whenever we are experiencing darkness in specific areas of our lives, we are advised to turn to God for he is light. we can do this by going through the bible and studying it carefully. before the reading of the scriptures for the light of God, we are advised to pray for the spirit of revelation and wisdom so that the eyes of our understanding will be opened.

    Before rapture happens, God talks about the destroying of the veil, he likened  the veil to coronavirus, he said its one illness that has the whole nations of the earth putting on a mask, the corona virus will come to an end. before the rapture, a lot of spiritual blindness will come off and we will understand the new covenant, the covenant of grace, we will understand the centrality of christ Jesus in all the scriptures.

    Before the destroying of the pandemic, there will be a great feast, by the lord to show our victory. the lord said go into the highways and the hedges and b ring the gospel to them. God is so good that he compels us to enjoy his spread, he compels us to be blessed he compels us to be whole and saved.

    The heart of man is so hard and thats why  he need to be compelled, in the earlier generations the lord said, lead them in not compel them and now toward the end time in this generation, he uses the word compel to  try and get us all to share in his kingdom.

    Pastor Joseph Prince teaches us that to enjoy all this greatness and love of God, we must be on mount Zion not mount sinai, we have to be under the covenant of grace not the covenant of the law.



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