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Pastor Joseph Prince :Believe Right And Live Right

    Pastor Joseph Prince Message: Believe Right And Live Right : Please kindly watch and be inspired by this interesting message by PastorJoseph Prince of New Creation Church, which is an episode of Gospel Partners.

    Be empowered to live right and reign over every adversity, lack, and destructive habit as you grasp the significance of living in the truths of the new covenant of grace.

    Inspire yourself with this words today:

    Don’t spend your life running from things God has already given you victory over. All He needs is for you to stop running. Deal with it. He’ll be right there to help you.

    Too often, we’re counting on other people to keep us fixed. You’re putting too much pressure on the people in your life. Let them off the hook. Don’t go to people trying to get what only God can give.

    That injustice, the sickness, the trouble is not how your story ends. You don’t belong there. You have royal blood. You have a crown of favor. You are worthy. You are valuable and you are destined to overcome.

    There’s nothing the enemy would love any more than for you to spend your life running: running from God’s call on your life, running from your fears, running from your hurts, running from your past. It’s time to stop running.
    The moment you praise, things change in your favor. There may be a period of darkness, but if you’ll keep thanking God that He’s fighting your battles, He’ll make things happen that you couldn’t make happen.
    No matter what people have done, you are still a masterpiece. No matter who walked away, you are still prized. No matter how far off course you’ve gotten, you still have the fingerprints of God all over you.

    Kindly watch this sermon below:

    Video credit : Joseph Prince Youtube

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