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Pastor Joseph Prince At New Creation Church October 24 2021

    Here is today’s Sunday live service with Pastor Joseph Prince for October 24 2021 at New Creation Church. This service is a special one , as it will be filled  with worship, praise and inspiring  sermon.

    It should be noted that Sunday services at New Creation Church are always online and offline and you can join from everyplace around the globe as long as you have an internet connection. This is designed to suit everyone from anywhere in the world. This is part of the committed effort of Pastor Joseph Prince and the New Creation church generally to reach out to the whole world for the purpose of spiritual growth and development.

    Joseph Prince who is a co-founder and senior pastor of New Creation Church has changed the lives of many people in and around Singapore, United States of America and Africa through teachings and way of life. Wendy Prince who is Joseph Prince wife has remained very supportive to the husband a

    Watch and learn from this Sunday live service with Pastor Joseph Prince at New Creation Church on October 24 2021 as we bring the latest Church services around the globe to you.

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