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Pastor Joseph Prince And Wendy Prince sermon: A Message Of Hope

    Pastor Joseph Prince And Wendy Prince sermon A Message Of Hope: Pastor Joseph prince advises us, he says  that  the Covid-19 situation has affected and disrupted life across many countries, in some places there is uncertainty, fear, panic, buying and even shortages. We hear so much bad news in the media everyday that it may be hard not to feel anxious and afraid, not just for yourself, but for your loved ones too.

    Today we are encouraged and remind by pastor Joseph prince and his wife Wendy prince that this virus that has caught the world by surprise, is of no surprise to the Lord. Our God is a good God, he did not send a virus but he has already prepared for us the answer, we are encouraged to do the following during this time.

    Firstly, meditate and hold on to God’s promises of protection for you, he who dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

    Secondly partake regularly of the Holy Communion discerning the Lord’s body and his finished work, knowing that the health and healing Jesus died for you, is yours to receive, in fact why do we take the Holy Communion together? Right now We don’t need to use anything special, whatever you have available to use as the bread and the club would be enough.

    Are you ready to take part, hold the bread and say, Lord Jesus this bread represents your body beaten and broken for me, by your stripe I am healed and made whole, I am strong and healthy based on the righteous foundation of your finished world, by your grace, long life and divine health is my portion, I will not die but live. Then we can eat.

    Now hold up the cup and say thank you Lord Jesus for your shed blood that has paid for my forgiveness, through your sacrifice, through your precious blood, I have been made righteous forever. all the blessings of the righteous, including health, healing, protection and supernatural favor are mine.

    Then we can drink now, just receive his health, his protection and peace of mind today, as the world gets darker and darker, know that we as God’s children will continue to be a light that shines in the darkness, for we have the Blessed hope of salvation that cannot be taken away, let us continue to pray and believe that this season will pass swiftly and that our countries communities and loved ones will remain safe and protected in this time.

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