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Pastor John Hagee Sermon: The Storm of Fear

    Pastor John Hagee Sermon The Storm of Fear : The founder and lead pastor of John Hagee Ministries in the person of Pastor John Hagee  shares this sermon and message  titled “The Storm of Fear” where he says that there is a lack of confidence that is sweeping America and the nations of the world. He said we are losing confidence in ourselves and the future, bound by our own self-imposed limitations. John Hagee revealed that a lack of confidence will destroy your peace, marriage, hopes, dreams and your life.

    In this message, he went on to ask “What fears are you allowing to control your life?” … and while teaching on Instagram he wrote:

    “Glory Days – Matthew 17:20 says, “Nothing will be impossible for you” if you have faith in God. There is nothing you cannot overcome.
    There is no reason your days can’t be, today and everyday, moving forward to achieve the impossible dream. Believe in God!”

    Watch and be blessed with this sermon by Pastor John Hagee: “The Storm of Fear” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors across the globe to you.

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