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Pastor Joel Tudman Biography, Age, Family, Education, Net worth, etc

    Pastor Joel Tudman Biography

    Pastor Joel Tudman is the initiator, founder and senior pastor of The Net Church in Oklahoma, United States of America. He is an indigene of Mountain Pleasant, which is a town in the Texas state of Colorado.

    pastor Joel Tudman

    Pastor Joel Tudman Age/ Date of Birth / Birthday

    Unfortunately, information relating to Pastor Joel Tudman age is not fully revealed on the internet. However The Potters House Church Dallas took to Facebook on the 14th day of March 2021 to celebrate Pastor Tudman’s birthday. Accordingly, it appears that Joel Tudman’s date of birth and birthday is on the 14 March every year.

    Pastor Joel Tudman Educational Background/qualification

    An indigene of Mountain Pleasant Texas, Pastor Joel Tudman, obtained his Bachelor of Science of science degree from A&M University, Texas in Health Promotion. He also has a Master’s Degree in Health Promotion and a minor in counselling.   St. Thomas Christian College awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity on Pastor Tudman and also he obtained his Ph,d certificate  on Organizational Leadership.

    Joel Tudman Wife

    Is Joel Tudman married?

    Who Is Joel Tudman married to?

    Pastor Joel Tudman, is married to LaTasha Tudman and which the union is blessed with children.  Pastor Joel Tudman and family resides in Oklahoma City, where he is revitalizing the city through his ministry evangelism and style of leadership.

    Pastor Joel Tudman wife


    LaTasha Tudman
    LaTasha Tudman


    Apart from preaching, which Pastor Joel Tudman, has done for almost eighteen years of his life, he is the in charge of Oklahoma State University Player Development. Pastor Joel Tudman, has spent thirteen years as an expert on the Oklahoma State University conditioning and strength staff. Pastor Joel Tudman, is the pastor in charge of the amateur football of Oklahoma State University and also teaches the students on some basis on leadership and skills.

    In the course of Pastor Joel Tudman’s coaching career, he had once worked with Rob Glass, Master Strength Coach and in which they both built a leading significant programmes in college football. Also, in the course of Pastor Joel Tudman’s coaching of the Cowboys at Stillwater, they made four new year games six games and proceeded to a 12 successive bowls school record.

    More on the Biography of Pastor Joel Tudman

    Pastor Joel Tudman has been significant in his lectures on speed development and fundamentals. Also, the man of God cum coach, has aided to grow athletes’ students to be faster and with high vigour.

    Also, Pastor Joel Tudman’s in alliance with sports medicine staff, coaches and nutritionist, has during athlete’s season, helped the student-athlete on the best feasible rehabilitation service, nutrition and training.

    Pastor Joel Tudman in the last two years, has a personal accomplishment programme tilted â??The Person and the Player, of which the man of God has personally executed, coordinated and developed the programme. In 2018, Pastor Joel Tudman hosted the programme in form of a conference of which myriads of distinguished guest graced the conference. Also, some professional speakers that centred basically on team development, the next step, financial guidance and leadership development, were invited to the conference.

    Fundamentally, Pastor Joel Tudman when interviewed on what his coaching career has taught him thus far, said that as an assistant coach on strength and with his experience, hehe reads minds of people to know when they are weak and weary and in that circumstances, his work is to aid them build up and be prepared for any enemy (opponent).

    Pastor Joel Tudman Net worth

    There is currently no information relating to Joel Tudman net worth and salary. Accordingly we are still researching on details of how much Joel Tudman is worth, How Much Joel Tudman earns and what are Joel Tudman’s sources of income and will have all updated as soon as revealed.

    Pastor Joel Tudman sermons

    Pastor Joel Tudman has been relentlessly committed in his service in God’s vineyard and has over the years contributed immensely in the spiritual growth and development of thousands of people worldwide through his inspiring and life changing sermons.

    Some of the remarkable sermons by Pastor Joel Tudman includes;

    1. I Have A Lot On My Mind – Pastor Joel Tudman
    2. The Way to More – Pastor Joel Tudman
    3. Grow Into It – Pastor Joel Tudman
    4. Out of the Way Places – Pastor Joel Tudman
    5. Surviving the Attack & Healing The Mind – Pastor Joel Tudman
    6. How Do You See It? – Pastor Joel Tudman
    7. Proof of Life: How Much Do You Need? By Pastor Joel Tudman
    8. Follow First – Pastor Tudman
    9. I’m Sick of This – Bishop Joel Tudman
    10. The Rejected Word – Pastor Joel Tudman

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