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See the Latest pictures of Pastor Joel Tudman and Bishop TD Jakes

    Pastor Joel Tudman pictures : Pastor Joel Tudman of Potters House church has recently dropped some new pictures on instagram. One of the latest pictures of Pastor Joel Tudman is one he posed with the founder of Potters House church Bishop TD Jakes. While appreciation Bishop TD Jakes on instagram, Joel Tudman wrote :

    I have learned so much in such a short amount time from Gods man. I’ve never witnessed this type of mind, man, might, or mastery in my lifetime.

    I have been challenged in every area of my life. I’ve been in a year or so of deconstruction in multiple areas and simultaneously being constructed in many others.

    We are so grateful for you sir. We have a pastor and First Lady! That’s amazing to me!! I have a doctor, lawyer, editor, but I have a PASTOR!
    If you have a pastor show him or her some love today. Your love and appreciation go a long way I promise you!!.

    In addition to the above picture of Joel Tudman and bishop TD Jakes, Tudman dropped a single picture of himself too

    See picture below

    Credit: Pastor Joel Tudman Instagram


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