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Pastor Joel Osteen’s Mother Dodie Osteen Marks Her 90th Birthday

    Joel Osteen Mother Dodie Osteen birthday : The lead pastor of Lakewood Church, Pastor Joel Osteen has taken to social media to celebrate his mother, Dodie Osteen on her 90th birthday.

    Dodie Osteen was born on the 22 October 1933, making her 90 years old today 22 October 2023.

    Joel Osteen’s mother Dodie founded Lakewood Church with her late husband, John Osteen, in 1959. After a dramatic and miraculous healing from terminal cancer in 1981, God called Dodie into a special ministry of prayer.

    Through that ministry of compassion, she has touched the lives of millions of people both in Houston and around the world. Dodie is the author of Healed of Cancer and the daily devotional Choosing Life One Day at a Time. Dodie’s five children all serve in ministry and she has nineteen precious grandchildren.

    Celebrating Dodie Osteen’s 90th birthday, Pastor Joel Osteen took to instagram to share this :

    Help me celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday today!

    Join pastor Joel Osteen to celebrate his mother today as she marks her 90th birthday.

    Happy birthday Dodie Osteen. We at wish you many more happy, healthy and peaceful years ahead.

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