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Pastor Joel Osteen: Your Miracle Is En Route (Inspiration)

    Pastor Joel Osteen Your Miracle Is En Route (Inspiration) – The senior pastor of Lakewood church and the husband of Victoria Osteen, Pastor Joel Osteen shares this Inspirational video titled “Your Miracle Is En Route (Inspiration)” where he says that God is positioning you for greater influence, greater honor, greater favor.

    He asked if God can trust you when the robe of many colors is taken? Will you keep a good attitude, not get bitter, not think you’ve seen your best days?

    One way to enjoy the blessings God has in stock for us is to first believe in the word of God in the book of  Mathew where God says, ”only me know the plans I have for you. The plan for prosperity and not for disaster , the plan to achieve the future you hope for.

    Always maintain a positive mindset always, be positive in your thoughts and declarations.

    Teaching that the power of the Godly is being increased, Joel Osteen took to Instagram to write:

    “The scripture says, “The strength of the wicked is being cut off, and the power of the godly is being increased.” The power of everything that’s trying to stop you is being cut off.”

    Watch and learn from this new video by Pastor Joel Osteen: “Your Miracle Is En Route (Inspiration)” as we bring the latest messages from Joel Osteen to you.

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