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Pastor Joel Osteen Sheds Tears Of Joy As He Announces That Lakewood Church Has Paid Off It’s $100 Million Bank of American Loan

    Lakewood Church pays off it's $100 Million Bank of American loan

    Pastor Joel Osteen Sheds Tears Of Joy As He Announces That Lakewood Church Has Paid Off It’s $100 Million Bank of American Loan.

    With tears of joy and heart filled with gratitude, the lead pastor of Lakewood Church ,  pastor Joel Osteen announces Sunday that Lakewood Church has paid off its $100 million Bank of America loan they had been servicing for some 20 years.

    Joining the wife Victoria Osteen on the stage, Pastor Joel Osteen shared the news with the members of his mega-church in Houston, Texas during Sunday service.

    “My big announcement today is that [as of] December 31st of last year, we have officially paid off the $100 million loan,” Joel Osteen said in the live stream of the service available on YouTube.

    Osteen’s voice trembled with emotion as he recounted the church’s remarkable transformation, from the humble beginnings in the Compaq Center to the present awe-inspiring megachurch accommodating approximately 45,000 adults to services each week.

    “I look back over these 19 years, and there have been great years. I mean, Lakewood has been a lighthouse to the whole world. And it was interesting when we got the facility. You know, it was a basketball arena, like you saw. But, you know, underneath these bleachers [there were] service areas and locker rooms and where they serve food. It wasn’t public areas,” Osteen recalled. “We needed nurseries, and we needed children’s facilities. We needed a lot more things.”

    Osteen further recalled how the church had originally paid $11.5 million for a 60-year arena lease, but lacked the necessary $100 million that the contractors had estimated would be needed for renovations to make the arena suitable for use as a church.
    “I got the bill back for the bids, and it was $100 million to renovate. And I thought, kind of, God, I didn’t sign up for this. I was 36 years old. And I thought, but you know what, God gives you grace for every season of your life,” Osteen said.

    The preacher, now sixty, also remembered being turned down for a loan at the same bank where he and his father, John Osteen, had held accounts for years.

    “Let me tell you, y’all, they were so negative. They were just like, ‘Man, it’s not gonna happen. We don’t think you can raise the money and all this stuff. And man, we walked out of there. And I was discouraged at first until I let it go in one ear and out the other,” Osteen said.

    “I thought, God, our bank is not our source. You are our source. And so we went to another bank, Bank of America. They showed up at the office, the first day we were there without even knowing us. They’d never seen our financials, they had a check for $25 million dollars,” Osteen explained as he teared up.

    “I saw that 25 million, I said, ‘You’ll let us borrow 25, would you let us borrow $100 million? They said we’ll do it. Bank of America loaned us $100 million,” Osteen recalled.

    He explained that God was so faithful to the church that during the 20 years of servicing the loan, “we never cut back any of our outreaches.”
    “We spent hundreds of millions of dollars on media and humanitarian [aid], and helping people all over the world,” he said, praising congregants for their faith giving.

    Other than smaller debt for capital equipment, Osteen said Lakewood church is essentially “out of debt.” He also noted that in 2010, the church previously purchased their building for $7 million, seven years into their 60-year lease of the property.

    “What God’s done for Lakewood He’s gonna do in your life,” he told his members. “I believe in 2024 you’ll see God release you from some things that have held you back. Release you from debt, release you from addiction, relationships, from wrong mindsets. I just believe [this will be] a year of release.”

    Check out the video of the Sunday service where Joel Osteen broke the good news of loan repayment below

    Video credit : Joel Osteen Youtube

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