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    Pastor Joel osteen talks to us about “ignore the roar” anytime we try to move forward thoughts will come telling us what we can’t do and how it’s not going to work out how the problem is too big, we know what God promised, we believe it, in our heart but these doubts start to bombard our mind.


    The scripture says the enemy goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, the purpose of a lion’s roar is to intimidate their opponents, to strike fear terror so much so that it will paralyse the other animal


    There are animals that are bigger elephants, a hippopotamus they’re much larger and stronger but when the lion roars, it’s so powerful, so intimidating they back down. in the same way our enemy loves to roar, not out loud but in our thoughts. he uses intimidation, fear, doubt to try to paralyze us. thoughts like you’ll never get well, you saw the medical report, you’ll never break the addiction, everyone in your family struggles, you can’t accomplish that dream, you don’t have the talent.


    How you handle the roar will determine whether or not you reach your destiny, if you believe the lies, let the fear take root it will keep you from seeing the promise. you have to learn to ignore the roar, don’t pay attention to the threats, the enemy is all bark and no bite, he goes about as a roaring lion, he’s not a lion, he doesn’t have any power over you, the only power he has is the power you give him by believing the roar when those thoughts of worry come.


    Fear, anxiety, recognize what’s happening it’s simply the enemy roaring, that’s what he does, you can’t stop the roar, you can’t pray away the negative thoughts get so determined that you’re not ever going to feel fear, not going to allow the threats in, you’re going to hear the roar, but you don’t have to be intimidated.


    You don’t have to live worried the roar doesn’t mean you’re not in faith, doesn’t mean you’ll never see the dream, the war is a sign that what God promised is on the way, the enemy wouldn’t be roaring if he didn’t sense there were great things in your future, he wouldn’t be shouting those threats if he didn’t know you were a giant killer, he wouldn’t be telling you those lies of healing, freedom, abundance wasn’t around the corner, the scripture says the enemy is a liar and there is no truth in him.


    When he roars, you can take the opposite of what he’s saying, you’ll never meet the right person, you’ve been single so long, then you have to say to yourself lord thank you, now i know the right person is on the way, I believe they’re already headed my direction


    You hear that roar your child will never get back on course, you raised him right but look at where he is now take the opposite and say, father thank you now i know as for me and my house we will serve the lord that my child will fulfil his purpose that he will do great things


    The reason the enemy is roaring is because you’re closer than you think, he’s trying to threaten you with fear intimidation the truth is the roar means you’re a threat to him. Pastor Joel Osteen says we must start ignoring the roar and quit living a worried life.


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