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Pastor Joel Osteen: Moments Of Favor (Inspiration)

    Pastor Joel Osteen sermons Moments Of Favor (Inspiration) : Negativity  makes our lives more difficult, if we do not believe that anything can work for us, then it probably would not work. we must understand that we way we think affects us a great deal, we must know that our thinking can limit us and our lives, how far we go and how far we prosper s usually connected to our mind set. our way of thinking has to align with that of God our maker.

    he is going before us always to make crooked places straight on our behalf, he will make us struggle less with things that we used to struggle with all we have to do is believe, we do not have to do much. you can do that by thanking God for the moment in your life and saying positive words like what you are facing is going to be smaller than it look, this are words of faith and seeking favour.

    God always has the solution even before we have the problems. God has made plans for our lives, he knows what will happen even before they do, that’s enough reason to trust him. what God has ordained for us will definitely show up at the right time,  if it does not show up then it is not the right time, he already has, the healing, the abundance, the promotion and the blessing in route, so just keep your trust in him and see how amazing he is.

    Pastor Joel Osteen tells us that we do not know what God has planned for us, even though a situation seems impossible, we must remember that our God is  a supreme God, who surpasses all our problems and  has got us covered and that is more than enough, that is all we need.




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