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pastor Joel osteen sermon: your miracle is en route (Inspirational)

    pastor Joel osteen sermon your miracle is en route (inspiration): sometimes we are disappointed over what we have lost, we know it was good and it represented favour, but it did not last, the door closed, the loan did not go through or a person walked away from our lives, we do not understand why it did not work out, it was your coat of  many colours and it meant a lot to you, but  we  do not know what God has in store for us, if only we could see the coat of influence and the coat of honour the lord has in store for us, then we will understand that it is all a part of Gods plan.

    we have to trust him when it does not make sense, he will not allow you loose your coat of many colours unless there is a royal  robe in your future. if only you knew where those disappointments are leading you, like with Joseph, his brothers had to be jealous, he had to get pushed out, they had to betray him, it was not that god had forgotten Joseph, he was positioning us for greater influence, greater honour and greater favour just like he is doing for us.

    can God trust you when our co0at of many colours is taking, can we be trusted to have a good attitude? Joseph had a lot of opportunities to give up, when he was in the pit alone was a good time for him to quit on God, when he was imprisoned for what the did not do? Pastor Joel Osteen says he believes that God must have whispered to him if you only knew what i have planned for you, how i am going to connect the dots, if you only knew how you will never miss this robe of many colours when i am finished, the still small voice kept reminding Joseph, that God is in control, that what God has started, he will finish.

    are you discouraged of what didn’t work out, who did you wrong, why is it taking so long? if you only knew what God was up to, if you only knew the doors he was about to open, if you only knew how he is going to vindicate you and heal you and promote you, then you will trust him when you do not understand.

    stay in faith when it does not make sense, do the right thing when the wrong thing has happened. the fact that you lost the robe of many colours, that you have been betrayed are all signs that something awesome is on the way. what God is about to do in your life will not just make up for every wrong and injustice, it will be so rewarding that you will not think of what you have lost.

    sometimes, what we think is a disappointment, is just the hand of God, his ways are not our ways. instead of being frustrated by what did not work out, we should try a different approach, and say God I trust you.


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