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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON NOTHING HAS RANDOMLY HAPPENED IN YOUR LIFE : Pastor Joel Osteen talks to us today about it’s a setup, everything in your life has been carefully orchestrated, God is strategic, before you were born he laid out a specific plan for you, nothing randomly happens, not just the good breaks, the promotions, the times you’ve seen favor, but even the closed doors, the disappointments, the betrayals, that’s all a part of God’s plan.

    It may not make sense, it wasn’t fair but God wouldn’t have allowed it if it wasn’t going to work for your good and if you don’t understand that nothing randomly happens then you’ll be frustrated when things don’t go your way, upset because somebody did you wrong, bitter because a person walked away when in reality it was ordained by God to move you into your destiny.

    You are not at the mercy of luck of fate of other people, the God who causes the earth to rotate down to the exact millisecond has ordered your steps, do you think another person can stop what God has ordered for you, do you think a bad break, a closed door, a jealous co-worker can change what God has spoken over your life?

    The people coming against you, the negative circumstances they are pawns in the hands of God, the enemy thinks he’s using them to hold you back; the truth is God is using them to push you forward in the scripture, Joseph’s brothers threw him into a pit, they thought they were stopping his destiny but God used them to put Joseph into his destiny.

    God ordained them to betray Joseph; it was a part of the plan that God laid out for his life, without that betrayal, without Potiphar’s wife falsely accusing Joseph without him spending time unfairly in prison Joseph would have never fulfilled his destiny.

    It wasn’t random, it wasn’t bad luck, it was strategic, are you fighting what God has ordained, frustrated because a door closed or bitter because somebody walked away, without that you couldn’t fulfil your purpose, the enemy didn’t come in and somehow take the steering wheel and now he’s in control. He superseded God’s plan, he overpowered the creator, he doesn’t have that kind of authority, the God who breathed life into you, the God who has numbered your days, the God who is for you and not against you is in complete control.

    You may not understand what happened, it may not have been fair, but if you’ll stay in faith, one day you’ll see like joseph, it wasn’t random, it was intentional, it was a setup, God used it to push you forward but when we isolate a negative experience and look at it on its own, it may not make sense.

    If you have a large puzzle sometimes you’ll find a piece that doesn’t look like it fits, you’re sure the manufacturer has made a mistake, it’s an odd shape, a strange colour but when the other pieces come together there will be a perfect fit, the colours will match, the edges will line up, without that piece the puzzle wouldn’t be complete.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to know that God is control and in charge of all our life.

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