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Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon : Feed Your Faith

    Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon : Feed Your Faith : The lead pastor of Lakewood Church Houston Texas, Pastor Joel Osteen has come through with this highly inspiring message titled ”Feed your faith”. 

    This is a message of encouragement and hope that will inspire and uplift you spiritually and it is highly recommended for our spiritual growth.

    Preaching on this sermon, Pastor joel Osteen said, When doubt comes saying, “You’ll always struggle.” Say, “No thanks. Father, thank You that You’re supplying all of my needs.” That’s feeding your faith, not your doubts. That’s what allows God to go to work.

    What you’re feeding is what’s growing. Fear can’t stay where faith lives. Doubt can’t stay where hope lives. Defeat can’t stay where victory lives.

    No more worry, no more doubt, no more insecurity. No more offense, bitterness, shame, regrets. Feed your faith, feed your hope, feed peace, feed joy, feed positive expectations, feed the promises God has put in your heart.

    You have to starve your doubts and feed your faith. Starve the discouragement and feed your hope. Starve the inferiority and feed your confidence. You’ll be amazed at what happens if you’ll quit giving life to the negative and start feeding the positive.

    If you feed fear, you’re going to live fearful. If you feed discouragement, you’re going to live discouraged. If you feed the past, if you keep dwelling on what didn’t work out, the mistakes you’ve made, you’ll live in regrets. Pay attention to what you’re feeding.

    Kindly watch Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon ”Feed your faith” below 

    Video credit: Joel Osteen Youtube

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