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Read these 30 most inspiring quotes by Joel Osteen Everyday of your life

    Pastor Joel Osteen Quotes 2022 : 

    To keep your day going brightly despite challenges, you are encouraged to read these highly motivational, encouraging and inspiring quotes by Pastor Joel Osteen for 2022.

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    1. When people don’t accept you, when they leave you out, when they try to stir up conflict, don’t take it personally. It’s not about you. It’s about the favor God’s put on you. If you can’t handle the persecution, then God won’t trust you with the blessing.
    2. When you know who you’re talking to, you won’t pray weak prayers. You’ll pray bold prayers. You’ll ask for things that other people think are far out, too much, that could never happen. Bold prayers get bold results.
    3. Don’t stay focused on the persecution, “Why did they turn on me, why are they talking about me, why aren’t they for me?” It’s because the blessing comes with persecution. It’s a test. Can you handle the opposition, the jealousy, the people stirring up trouble?
    4. You have to get in agreement with God. Don’t go through life with a small vision, praying small, thinking small. You activate your faith by not only believing, but by asking.
    5. Find your cause, fight for someone that can’t fight for themselves, get involved in something bigger than you. That’s where your crown is. That’s where your greatness is going to come out.
    6. It’s going to take bold prayers to do the awesome things God has called you to do. You haven’t seen heard or imagined what God has in store for you. Take the limits off of Him.
    7. Don’t get upset when people turn on you. Don’t be revengeful and use your influence to pay them back or live bitter. Ignore it; don’t give it the time of day. God will take care of the persecutors.
    8. Dare to ask, not just for your needs, not just for small things, but ask for your dreams, ask for the big things God put in your heart. He’s longing to be good to you. He wants to show you His favor in new ways. He’s just waiting for you to ask.
    9. There are dreams God has put in your heart that you can’t accomplish on your own. There are obstacles that you’ll face that are too big for you to overcome by yourself.
    10. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? Don’t be fooled by the circumstances. Just because it seems like God is too late doesn’t mean He’s not going to come through.
    11. Are you praying any bold prayers? Are you believing for anything that’s out of reach? You won’t see the great things if you’re only praying for small things.
    12. When you know who our God is, when you realize He created the universe, He spoke worlds into existence, He parted Red Seas, He healed the lepers, you won’t just ask Him for ordinary things. You’ll ask for your dreams; you’ll ask for what looks impossible.
    13. You have to activate your faith. You have to ask for your dreams, ask for your goals, ask Him to bring opportunities that seem impossible, ask Him to take you to a new level.
    14. If you want to get God’s attention, don’t pray weak prayers. God responds to bold prayers. When you pray boldly, you’re saying, “God, I know who You are. I recognize You’re all-powerful; nothing can stand against You. What You have purposed will come to pass.”
    15. Many prayers are not being answered simply because they’re not being asked. If you only pray small prayers, you’re not going to see the greatness of our God. If you only ask for little things, you’re not going to reach the fullness of your destiny.
    16. You are not inconveniencing God by praying boldly. Bold prayers get God’s attention. Bold prayers cause angels to go to work. Bold prayers open doors you could never open. Bold prayers turn impossible situations around.
    17. It’s not your battle; the battle is the Lord’s. He’s your defender. He’s your vindicator, your healer, your provider, your way maker. The blessing on your life will override the curse.
    18. When you come to the end of your ability, when you run out of options and it looks like a setback, it’s really a setup. God is about to do something unusual, something you couldn’t make happen.
    19. The Scripture says what God has blessed, no man can curse. The blessing on you is more powerful than any betrayal, any negative word spoken over you, how you were raised, or people trying to discredit you.
    20. It’s just a matter of time. You may not see any sign of it, but deep down you must know that God has already spoken it. Pre-order my new book, Your Greater Is Coming, today!
    21. Because you keep God first, He’s going to open doors you never dreamed would open, bring opportunity, influence, favor, resources.
    22. God is going to use what comes after except. “I have nothing except this small talent. I have nothing except a little training. I have nothing except a few connections.” God is going to take what you think is insignificant and turn it into something extraordinary.
    23. We think of waiting as negative; we don’t like it when nothing is happening. We’re interested in the destination, but God is interested in the journey. He’s working on us along the way.
    24. You have your plans, but you should see God’s plans. His ways are better than our ways. He has exceedingly abundantly above and beyond in your future.
    25. It’s good to admire people, it’s good to celebrate their gifts, but don’t get so caught up in who they are that you forget who you are. You are gifted, you are talented, you are one of a kind.
    26. They may have walked away, said things that damaged your reputation, but God’s not going to let you stay down, mistreated, shortchanged. No, get ready. Payback is coming. He is a just God.
    27. When it’s a God-given desire, you don’t talk yourself out of it. You don’t come up with excuses. You know God will make a way, so you take steps of faith.
    28. When you honor God with your life, there is a blessing He puts on you that gives you an advantage. When you have His blessing, you won’t have room to receive all the good things He has in store.
    29. Every morning, pray, “Lord, let Your will be done and not mine. I put You first place.” God’s part is to put the right desires in you. He’s leading you into the best plan that He’s already laid out.
    30. Who knows where God is taking you. There are desires He’s going to put in your heart that are going to boggle your mind. The beauty is you won’t be talked out of it. He’ll make it strong enough to override the doubt, the naysayers, the fear.

    Read these Joel Osteen quotes 2022 morning and night and be encouraged . Once there is life, there is absolute hope.

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