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Pastor Jimmy Rollins Biography, Age, Family, Career, Ministry, Net worth

    Pastor Jimmy Rollins is an American preacher, marriage coach and the former senior Pastor of i5 City Church located in Baltimore, Maryland prior to merger with Destiny Harvest Church . He’s an international speaker Pastor Jimmy Rollins and his wife Irene are the Apostolic Pastors of Union Church, Maryland. Jimmy Rollins is a preacher and visionary leader whose mission is to spread the gospel of God all over the world.

    Jimmy Rollins Biography


    Pastor Jimmy Rollins was born in the family of Bishop James and Valerie Rollins on the 24th January 1974, in America. His parents both raise him up in the Christian Faith. As the son of a Bishop he was privilege to learn under the bossom of his two parents. Jimmy’s father , Bishop James Rollins was the founder of Living Waters Worship Center in 1994.

    Jimmy Rollin’s father made history as the first African-American to attend Arundel High School in 1960s. Bishop Rollins was drafted into the American Army in 1967 and he fought in the Vietnam war.

    Pastor Jimmy Rollins is a revelatory preacher and a generous pastor who is always there to build his members and followers with the word of God. Jimmy Rollins and his wife Irene are the Apostolic Pastor of Union Church, Maryland.

    Picture of Jimmy Rollins and wife Irene
    Jimmy Rollins and wife Irene


    Bishop James and his wife Valerie Rollins are the biological parents of Pastor Jimmy Rollins.  They gave birth to him on 24th January 1974. Bishop James Rollins and his wife Valerie are the founders of the Living Water Worship Center established in 1994.

    Cebration his mom on the mother’s day, Pastor Jimmy shared on instagram :

    Bishop James Rollins the father of Jimmy Rollins was also drafted into the American Army in 1967 and he fought in the Vietnam War. James Rollins was also one of the first African American to attained Arundel High School in 1960s. Valerie Rollins Pastor Jimmy’s mother was also an Apostle of God. She and her Husband, Bishop James Rollins established their ministry called the Living Water Worship Center in 1994. There’s not much known about whether Jimmy has siblings or not.


    How old is Pastor Jimmy Rollins?

    Pastor Jimmy Rollins was born on 24th, of January 1974. Accordingly, he is 48 years old (2022). Pastor Rolliins marks his birthday on the 24th day of January every year.


    Pastor Jimmy is happily married to Irene Rollins.

    Jimmy Rollins wife Irene Rollins
    Jimmy Rollins wife Irene Rollins


    The couple got married on the 5th June 1999 ( about 23 years ago). Celebrating their 23rd marriage anniversary on June 5 2022, Pastor Jimmy took to instagram to write:

    Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife @irenerollins of now 23 years.

    It’s humbling that everyday I wake up to the beauty of God‘s faithfulness with the smile on your face. I get to experience God‘s grace through how you cover & care for me as I pursue the purpose of God for my life & our family. There’s absolutely nothing like experiencing the presence of God each and every day as I peek through the crack of the door watching you Connect with the father and daily devotion.

    Your love for me is proof that God loves me & your life is evidence of His sovereignty that when He created you He was thinking about me.

    I love you more today than I ever have & I’m humbled as I look ahead to the future chapters in the story of our marriage that are still yet to be written.

    Happy Anniversary – June 5th 1999.


    Jimmy and Irene’s marriage is blessed with three grown children, Kayla, Jaden and Maya. Pastor Jimmy Rollins and his Wife Irene had decided to lunch into the higher calling following the apostolic call on their life after leading i5 Church for 10 years.



    Jimmy Rollins Bulldog

    jiPastor Rollins and Irene also have 3 bulldogs namedDiesel, Bentley, and Gucci.



    Bishop James Rollins and his wife Valerie founded and establish the Living Water Worship Center in 1994, they both nurtured and grew the church for 18  years and in 2012 Bishop James handed the church over to his son Pastor Jimmy Rollins.  Soon after the handing over of the church to Jimmy, he change the name of the church from Living Water Worship Center to “i5 City Church.

    Pastor Jimmy and his wife were committed to helping build marriages and healthy leaders.  Their commitment to redefining church and the next generations are evidence in everything they do. Jimmy Rollins and his wife Irene leads and supervise the Union Network,  support Churches and hundreds of Pastors all over the nation. Their vision is to build a generation of world changers who can impact their communities and the world at large.

    Destiny Harvest Church and i5 City Church Merger

    In 2020, Pastor Jimmy of i5 City Church and his counterpart Pastor Stephen Chandler of “Destiny Harvest Church” embarked on a new mission that would bring the two vibrant congregations together, after series of prayers for divine directions from elders and the overseers of the Church.

    The coming together of i5 City Church and Destiny Harvest gave birth to “Union Church” on the 14th of April 2021. Jimmy and his wife Irene oversees the Union Network. They also serve in a strategic position where they oversees and supervise for other churches all over the country.

    As a partner of the Association of Related Churches (ARC), Pastor Jimmy has being teaching and nurturing countless of churches and great team of church leaders all over the world. Currently Pastor Jimmy and his wife Irene are the founder of ‘Two Equals One ( TWO =ONE)’, a platform that helps couple to discover the equation for a marriage filled with happiness, love, laughter and longevity.


    In his dresire to see marriages flourish, Pastor Jimmy Rollins authored a book titled ”Love outside the Lines: Beyond the Boundaries of Race, Difference and Preference” which is aimed towards helping people enjoy good and happy married life. It should be pointed out that marriage success has been one of the major focuses of Jimmy Rollins’s ministry.


    Information relating to how much Jimmy Rollins is worth is currently not available. However, suffice to state that his major source of income is from his pastoral work and public speaking.


    Pastor Jimmy Rollins can be followed on the following social media platforms:

    Twitter: @iamjimmyrollins

    Instagram: @iamjimmyrolins

    Picture credit : Jimmy Rollins Instagram

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