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Pastor Jimmy Rollins Sermon: Cuffed To The Crowd

    Pastor Jimmy Rollins Sermon Cuffed To The Crowd : Pastor Jimmy Rollins Sermon of Transformation Church shares this sermon titled “Cuffed To The Crowd” which is the part 8 of the series “Cuffing Season”. In this message, he said that in between your crisis and your creator is your crowd. He went on to ask if you will let the crowd cripple your calling? Or will you push through the crowd, walk in your calling, and make contact with your creator. In this week 8 of Cuffing Season, Jimmy Rollins brings a message teaching us the ways to ignore the crowd to get to our calling. Be rest assured that this is a message worth your time and attention.

    As you Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Jimmy Rollins “Cuffed To The Crowd”, may God bless his words in our hearts and grant us all our heart desires.

    Video Credit: Transformation Church YouTube

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