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Pastor Jentezen Franklin Sermon: Where is God?

    Pastor Jentezen Franklin Sermon Where is God? :  The devoted senior pastor of Free Chapel and the husband of Cherise Franklin, Pastor Jentezen Franklin shares this inspirational sermon titled “Where is God?” In this sermon, Pastor Jentezen Franklin teaches that suffering will never leave you where it finds you. It will either leave you bitter or it will leave you better. The way you receive any suffering coming your way determines how it will leave you. If you understand it to be a learning process, then it will leave you better.

    The lead pastor of Free Chapel described life to be like a puzzle. It is always incomplete until the final piece is placed in that final whole. According to him,  despite how good biscuit is, to eat its contents one ingredient at a time would be an awful experience as it is until you mix all the ingredients together that you have the taste, texture, and intention of a biscuit.

    God works all things together for good but it is the working of all things together that has to happen for the individual pieces of the puzzle to make sense.

    It is important for us to understand and learn to be patient when God is putting things together in our lives. God in the book of Mathew said that only him knows the plan he has for us, the plan for prosperity and not disaster,  the plan to achieve the future we hope for. We all need to understand that God can never live his child suffer without reason. Sometimes the pains and difficulties we go through in life are meant to build us for greater things.

    Unfortunately, some of us out of desperation and impatience, do not allow this trial moment to build us as intended. Some of us lose focus and go ahead seeking solution from the wrong route.

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