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Pastor Jentezen Franklin Sermon: One With Him So I’ll Be One With Them

    Here comes a new inspiring and life changing sermon by Pastor Jentezen Franklin of the Free Chapel. In this sermon shared by Pastor Jentezen Franklin, titled “One With Him So I’ll Be One With Them” the senior pastor of the Free Chapel emphasizes that  that being one with God is such an essential aspect of your life. In other words, Pastor Franklin reiterated the fundamental importance of all believers being one with God.

    What does it entail or mean to be one with God?

    As believers, we are called to avoid division or any action or lifestyle that can lead to a disconnect between us and God. In other words, the basic consideration we must do is to first consider if whatever action we are about to take will connect or disconnect us from God. Where any of such action will lead be detrimental to our relationship with God or disconnect us in any way from God, then the action is not worth taking.

    Herein, Pastor Jentezen Franklin shares the keys to the power of unity and what it means to stop picking one another apart and love like God loves.

    We are encouraged to Watch, Listen and learn from this sermon by “Pastor Jentezen Franklin : One With Him So I’ll Be One With Them”  and also to stay tuned as we bring you the latest messages from Pastors at Free Chapel to you and other preachers around the world..

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