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Pastor Jentezen Franklin Sermon 10 September 2021 This is Not Your Final Chapter

    Pastor Jentezen Franklin Sermon 10 September 2021 This is Not Your Final Chapter-  In the spirit of spiritual upliftment and soul winning, Pastor Jentezen Franklin has come through with this highly inspiring sermon for today titled “Sneak Peek: This is Not Your Final Chapter” .

    According to the Free Chapel Senior pastor, the basic problem was the scribes’ insistence to hold on to the old ways and that resulted to them following Jesus Christ around constantly.

    Instead of the Scribes to concentrate on listening and learning from Jesus, they were more interested in questioning if Jesus performed miracles on a Sabbath day and making the argument that the old history book abhors that on Sabbath.

    The Scribes were more concerned about laws rather than their spiritual growth and their interpretation of the law remained so awkward.

    According  to Jentezen Franklin,  the Scribes did not understand the law and its intendment hence thinking that God has broken the law as he continued to lay hands on people and healing the.

    Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free Chapel said the Scribes failed to understand because they had an old religious spirit like many people in the Churches today.

    Today, many Christians misinterpret the Christian doctrine and accordingly concentrate more on the doctrine rather than spiritual growth and adherence to the teachings of Christ.

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