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PASTOR JEFFREY JOHNSON SR : Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, Net Worth etc


    JEFFREY JOHNSON SR. is senior pastor of Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an international speaker, a preacher and author. He has been the senior pastor of the Eastern Star Church for over thirty  years.


    Pastor Jeffrey Allen Johnson Sr. is senior pastor of Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. He s an  international speaker, preacher and author.  He  was born on the 27th May 1963. Jeffrey is happily married to his wife Sharon Henry Johnson with four grown sons.

    Pastor Jeffrey Johnson Sr Biograhy
    Pastor Jeffrey Johnson Sr


    Jeffery Johnson  hails from Arlington Wood where he was born and raised too.  He is the longest serving pastor of Eastern Star Church Indianapolis. Pastor Jeffery Allen Johnson  was elected the senior pastor of Eastern Star Church on the 7th of April, 1988 when the church was only about 600 members. Senior Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr., accepted his call to ministry at the age of 17.


    Pastor Jeffery Allen Johnson Sr. was born in Arlington Wood on May 27, 1963. Pastor Jeffery is currently 59 years old as at 2022. He marks his birthday on the 27th day of May every year.

    Celebrating his 59th birthday on the 27th May 2022, the Eastern Star Church took to facebok to write: 

    Also Celebrating his 58th birthday on the 27th May 2021, the Easter Star Church took to facebok to write: 

    Happy Birthday Pastor Jeffrey A Johnson, Sr. Thank you for being the amazing pastor, father, husband, mentor, and friend that you are!

    astor Jeffrey Johnson birthday



    Pastor Johnson acquired his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion with Honors from Bishop College in Dallas, Texas and matriculated at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. He has also received numerous honorary doctorate degrees, highly-esteemed community awards and was voted the 2012 “Best Pulpiteer” by Black Christian News Network One.


    Pastor Jeffery is married to Sharon Henry Johnson. The duo got married on May 31,1986, making it 36 years of marriage in 2022.

    Pastor Jeffrey Johnson Sr wife Sharon Henry Johnson
    Pastor Jeffrey Johnson Sr and wife Sharon Henry Johnson

    Celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary, the Eastern Star Church tok to insgram to share :

    Pastor Jeffrey Johnson’s wfe was born on the 19th of September. The couples have been married for over 36 years. Their marriage is blessed with  four grown up sons named Jeffrey A. Johnson, II; Jordan A. Johnson; Jalon A. Johnson and Josiah A. Johnson. They have two grandsons.


    Pastor Jeffry Allen Johnson Sr. is an American Preacher, a Motivational Speaker and an Author. He accepted his his call to ministry at the age of 17. Pastor Johnson is the senior pastor is the Eastern Star Church, having been appointed as suuch  since 7th of April, 1988.

    Since 1988, Senior Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. has led Eastern Star Church. He accepted his call to the ministry at the age of 17 and has remained relentlessly commtted in the spread of the gospel through evangelism and discipleship as the  core principle of Christianity.

    Under his leadership, the “One Church in Three Locations” has established three congregations in Indianapolis and has more than 15,000 members.

    Inspired by Matthew 28:19-20, Pastor Johnson, early in his ministry, embraced God’s call for evangelism and discipleship as the core principles of Christianity.

    In 2017, Pastor Johnson and Eastern Star Church deepened their commitment to give back by investing in the Arlington Woods community where he grew up — an economically depressed neighborhood. Through the ROCK Initiative, the church is addressing significant challenges related to housing, education, food security and health.

    The former pastor of Eastern Star Church, Jeffrey Johnson Sr., will devote the next six months to rebuilding his spiritual and physical well-being as well as his mental health, which he mostly ignored for 33 years.

    Johnson’s break began on June 8 2022.


    Going for sabbatical, to pastor Jeffery Johnson was a very critical decision he needed to take in order to renew himself spiritually and physically taking time to reflect on, and also restore his mental health.

    Pastor Johnson realized that while he was diagnose with cancer and went for the surgery in 2008, but what hit him is that: The Church, the community and the whole world went on just fine without him. Then he said ‘if I’m not there God’s will is still gonna be done’. I don’t think God gonna have any issue figuring out how to accomplish his will after all.

    He went on to say, “it was not an easy mental adjustment for him while he was away for surgery”. While Pastor Johnson is away for six month sabbatical the rest of the church is supposed to rest and also work on their relationship with God and family. Staff also will take Fridays off personal needs.


    Below are some remarkable, inspiring and insightful sermons by Pastor Jeffrey Johnson that you cannot afford to miss:

    1. The Lord Will Show Up
    2. The Making of A King
    3. Ask God To Turn It Around
    4. The Lord Will Provide
    5. Surviving A Shaky Situation
    6. The Invitation of Life
    7. Singing In The Struggle
    8. Recognizing Christ In A Crisis
    9. You Are Coming Out Of This
    10. Do Not Be Self-Decieved


    In addition to being a preacher and international speaker,  Pastor Jeffery Allen Johnson Sr. is a renowned author with some wonderful books to his credit. Some of the remarkable books authored by Pastor Jeffrey include;

    • Making A Comeback: Reclaiming Our Lives In Christ
    • Dialogue with My Daughters.
    • Song of Solomon: Love, Sex and Relationship.


    There is currently no information about the net worth of Pastor Jeffery Johnson. However we shall update same as soon as revealed. Suffice to also note that his sources of income include earnings from his pastoral work and the proceeds of sale of his book.


    You can find and follow Pastor Jeffery Johnson on the following social media platforms:

    Twitter: @PasJAJohnson

    Instagram: @pastorjajohnson

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