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    PASTOR HOLLY FURTICK SERMON WHEN YOU FEEL EMPTY : Allpastors sermon website is happy to bring to you this wonderful and inspiring sermon by the wife of Steven Furtick of Elevation church, Pastor Holly Furtick.  Holly Furtick in this sermon talks about the woman who helped prophet Elisha in the bible, All she had was a little bit of oil and if you think about it, it wasn’t enough to do anything with but it was all she had and when you’re in survival mode, your instinct is to hoard everything you have, every resource, every dollar, every minute, every word, you keep it to yourself but the prophet said, the prophet said keep pouring and sometimes when we feel empty, it’s because we feel lost.

    We feel like maybe we have nothing to contribute, a couple of years ago, ten years ago to be exact, I was feeling lost, we had planted our church 15 years ago and when we did that, i was involved in every single detail, we didn’t have enough people so it was all hands on deck, I was a worship leader, believe it or not, I was a teacher in e-kids and in the very early days of our church. we had staff meeting at my kitchen table, I knew everything that was going on in our church but as the church grew and we were able to hire more people who could sing and we were able to buy a table and get an office space for our staff and our family started to grow.

    I gradually began to step away and take care of our family and I love being at home with our toddlers but I felt left out, I felt like everyone else was having a blast without me and i didn’t know anything that was going on anymore and i just felt like I had nothing to contribute and I wanted to be asked to do something like lead something or organise something or maybe be on the worship team again, which never happened and I started to have a pity party because no one was picking up on the hints that I was dropping.

    Have you ever been there before and I remember one day just realising wait a minute, I mean I don’t really have that much time anyway but I could do what we’re asking everyone else in the church to do right now, which was lead an e-group, I didn’t have a lot of time but I had one evening a week, so I started a knee group for young married women, here graham and i started to pour every day, I was wiping noses and I was cutting food into tiny little pieces but every Tuesday night I was pouring into the women in my home, the women and I, we talked about how to be a godly wife and we read books together and we memorised scripture together. It was just a little thing but I kept pouring and that group came to an end so I started another group and did same thing.

    Pastor Holly Furtick said, Sometimes we go through seasons where the emptiness, though it’s more than just the feeling that we don’t have purpose, sometimes it’s the feeling that you don’t have enough to make it and i know that some of you are you’re going through the hardest thing you’ve ever been through, you’re fighting for your life and the word of the lord for you today is, just keep worrying, you have to keep pouring because the miracle only happens when you move, because it’s while you pour, that you experience god’s strength and his grace and the joy that only comes while you pour because now you’re pouring with a purpose.

    Watch, Listen and meditate on this message by Holly Furtick and stay tuned as we continue to update you with recent inspiring sermon by all pastors and preachers.


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