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Sermon by Pastor Ebenezer Quaye : “God, I Have A Question”

    Pastor Ebenezer Quaye  sermon God I Have A Question : Pastor Ebenezer Quaye of ONE (A Potters House Church) has come through with this life changing an d faith strengthening message titled “God, I Have A Question”

    In this message, Pastor Quaye started with the story of Zachariah and the promise made to him that he would have a child and shall name him John.

    He also made emphasis on the response the Angel gave Zachariah when he questioned him on the message from God. Zachariah upon being told by the Angel that he would have a child , asked the Angel, how would i be sure of this. The Angel said to him, I bring to you the message from God and for having questioned this message, you shall remain silent until the message from God is fulfilled.

    it is a beautiful thing because when you meet God with anticipation he always not only meets but he exceeds that need. The Pastor said that this encounter that’s about to take place is the beginning of the greatest revelation this world has ever seen because this is where Jesus is about to come on the scene and this is where our savior is about to do his miraculous work.

    Pastor Ebenezer Quaye stated that when we have some burning desires, the desire is not being put there by ourselves but God and when God comes to fulfill these burning desires, we should endeavor never to question him.

    We should endeavor to have a supernatural connection with God and allow him take care of our burning desires. One thing is certain, at his own time, God will make due our desires.

    Pastor Ebenezer Quaye of ONE which was formerly called “The Potters House At One LA” has through his teachings and lifestyle impacted positively in the lives of so many people worldwide.

    Watch and enjoy the word of the Lord  from this sermon by Pastor Ebenezer Quaye : “God, I Have A Question” and remain tuned as we bring you the latest messages from Pastors around the world.

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