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Pastor Dharius Daniels: Whatever It Takes | Faith University Part. 3

    Pastor Dharius Daniels Whatever It Takes Faith University Part 3 – Pastor Dharius Daniels in his committed effort towards the spread of the gospel shares this inspiring message titled “Whatever It Takes” during the Faith University Part 3 session. This is an interesting message aimed at encouraging us to be strong in faith and do all it will take to maintain our faith and confidence in God . This is a message that can transform your thinking positively and you cannot afford to miss this.

    This is the week three of this series called ‘Faith University’ where he is reminding us that our God is a God of principles and Dharius Daniels says that principles are rules of operations, they are sets of best practices that ensure the protection and the potential of a thing.

    According to Dharius Daniel, these principles  are the equivalent to tags filled with instructions that come on garments that you purchase. Those principles are sets of best practices intended to ensure the protection of a thing.

    Listen, Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Dharius Daniels : “Whatever It Takes | Faith University Part. 3”  and more importantly, allow the word of God in the message to create positive impact in your life . Stay tuned as we bring the latest messages from Pastors in Change Church to you.

    Credit for Dharius Daniel Sermon Whatever It Takes Faith University Part 3 : Dharius Daniels Youtube 

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