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Pastor Dharius Daniels sermon: won’t he do it

    Pastor Dharius Daniels sermon won’t he do it: Pastor Dharius Daniels asked us a question, the question is simply this, it’s a question for your reflection, and what does God ultimately want from his people?


    i want you to pause for the cause of pondering that which God ultimately wants for his people? If we were to listen, it boils down to God’s deepest desire, to one single common denominator; the question would be what does God ultimately want from his people? Some would attempt to answer the interrogative by saying God wants love, others would say obedience, others would say devotion, and I don’t believe these answers are incorrect Pastor Dharius Daniels says, he said, I do believe these answers are incomplete, in other words.


    They are fruit answers but not root answers, see love, obedience, loyalty and devotion aren’t just what God wants, but they are what we are able to give God, after we give God what he really wants. no matter how much we want to give God love, obedience, loyalty and devotion, we won’t be able to give him what we want to give him until we give him what he wants to be given.


    so the question remains, what does God ultimately want well the textbook, for this class which is the bible, offers the answer to this question. Above all else, God wants to be believed, he can’t be obeyed until he’s believed, we will not have devotion to him until we believe, we will not have loyalty in our relationship with him until we believe, faith is the root upon which all other fruit forms in our lives and I think the enemy understands this, so he wants us to emphasize something that’s actually inferior, he wants us to focus on fixing the fruit when we can really fix the fruit by addressing the root.


    What if i told you worry is fruit and you don’t fix the fruit by addressing the fruit, you fix the fruit by addressing the root what if i told you don’t fix worry by fighting worry, you fix worry about fixing your faith. you don’t fix stress by fixing stress you fix stress by fixing your faith, you don’t fix doubt by trying to fix doubt, you fix doubt by fixing your faith because faith is the root upon which all of the fruit flows and this formed.

    Prayer doesn’t work without faith, salvation is not experienced without faith, obedience cannot be acted upon without faith, God cannot be pleased without faith. Hebrews 11:6 says this and without faith, it is impossible to please him, for he that comes to God, must believe that he is and that he’s a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.


    God says you can’t please me without faith, he that rushes not to believe me is to insult me, it is to assassinate the credibility of my character, it is to say when you don’t believe me, you saying i don’t believe you are who you say you are, I don’t believe you can do what you say you can do, we call the devil a liar but treat God like one.


    God’s getting ready to build your face, all you have to do is believe like never before.

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