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Pastor Dharius Daniels sermon: Unbreakable Focus

    Pastor Dharius Daniels sermon unbreakable focus: Matthew chapter 14 verse 28 what makes od’s word so amazing is that, he can say so many different things from the same passage. Verse 28 peter says, lord if as you tell me to come to you on the water, he said come then peter got down out of the boat walked on water and came toward Jesus, but when he saw the wind, he was afraid and beginning to sink, he cried out lord, save me.

    Everybody reaches a breaking point; God has constructed us in a way where, when we reach that breaking point we can bend and not break, unbreakable faith is the first key to living an unbreakable life.

    Today I want to give you the second key to an unbreakable life that is unbreakable focus. Pastor Dharius Daniels said it is much more difficult to execute under pressure than it is to execute in seasons and circumstances where everything is cool calm.


    There are places, where we are losing, where we could be winning not because we don’t have the talent, the skill, the acumen or the ability. There are places where we are losing, where we could be winning, because we don’t have the focus. Sometimes the difference between a breakdown and a breakthrough is focus; there are times when we lose not because we aren’t good enough but because we are not focused enough and the enemy understands this and that enemy who is a thief, who comes to steal, kill and destroy is strategically strategising ways to rob us, of the life that God intended for us to live, by robbing us of our focus.

    How do you progress when you’re focused, how do you advance when you focused, what do you produce when you focused.

    Your talent is at the mercy of your focus, your skill is at the mercy of your focus, your anointing is at the mercy of your focus, it’s incredibly important for us to wrap our head around this in the context of this quest to live a life where we bend but we do not break when we reach our breaking points.

    Jesus and peter were water walkers, both of them were water walkers but one of them walked on water long term, the other one of them walked on water short term, the difference was not the water because both of them were on the same water, the difference was not their legs, because both of them had two legs, what was the difference the difference? The difference was their focus.

    We have to be more selective about what we give our attention to, we have got to do this because what I give my attention to affects my attitude and my attitude is impacting my altitude so we have got to be strategic and selective and when you’re under pressure and the wind is blowing, you have got to believe in God and place all your focus on him.

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