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Pastor Dharius Daniels Sermon: It Was All A Dream (January 2022)

    Pastor Dharius Daniels Sermon It Was All A Dream : Here comes another 2022 sermon by  Pastor Dharius Daniels  titled “It Was All A Dream” which is a part of the new series titled “Dream Killers” . It is a sermon indeed filled with lessons and guides and you cannot afford to miss it. The senior Pastor and founder of Change Church and the husband of Shameka Daniels is a trendsetter for his generation. He has helped many entrepreneurs through his teachings and lifestyle to understand what it means to have dreams and how to go about chasing the dreams.

    In this sermon, Pastor Dharius Daniels of Change Church said categorically that you cannot be seen or called a dream chaser until you know how to identify and avoid dream killers.  What this means is that first step to chasing a dream to to develop the dream, identify the dream killers and avoid them from the beginning.

    In chasing a dream, we need God’s strategy. We don’s need good strategy but God’s own strategy. God’s strategy does not just help you achieve the dreams alone, it helps you overcome any obstacle that may come your way in the chasing of your dreams.

    It is one thing to have a strategy , it is another thing to include in the strategy a plan to deal with obstacles and problems that may come up which are inevitable.

    A dream will not become a reality unless we learn to kill the things that kill the dreams.  People who have not learnt the strategies to kill the problems associated with a dream allows those problems or obstacles to kill the dream. New information is not a substitute for the poor execution of the old information.

    We also need to note that personal dreams can be deceptive. So we need to ensure that our personal dreams have purpose in them . A personal dream that has no purpose, even if achieved , will not give you the result you desire.

    Personal dream therefore requires some investigation because the wrong personal dream can kill the purposeful ones.

    Also note that God did not create us to fulfill our own dreams in our lives but to fulfill his own dreams in our lives.

    What is purposeful dream?

    Purposeful dreams are desires deposited by the divine that are necessary for your destiny.

    In a nutshell, dream building involves ;

    1. developing the dreams
    2. investigating the dreams to ensure they are purposeful
    3. learning the strategies of dealing with problems that are associated and inevitable with the dream
    4. Seeking God’s strategies for chasing the dream which is fundamental. etc

    Teaching further on this sermon on Instagram, Dharius Daniels wrote:

    “God wants to make you great so that he can get the glory. He wants to use your life as a testimony of what he can do.”

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