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Pastor Creflo Dollar: Understanding Biblical Headship – Episode 2

    Pastor Creflo sermon Dollar Understanding Biblical Headship Episode 2 : The devoted and committed preacher of Gospel, husband of Taffi L. Dollar and the founder of Creflo Dollar ministries, Pastor Creflo Dollar has come through with this new  and inspiring message and sermon titled “Understanding Biblical Headship – Episode 2” . This special sermon by  Pastor Creflo Dollar focuses more on intimacy.

    According to the Pastor,  relationships without intimacy is a false relationship and it is false intimacy that didn’t travel through the bridge of vulnerability. He said that intimacy between a man and his wife is that ability to see things that nobody else can see and and you have  to go through a couple of stages to get to this intimacy. Intimacy here has a deeper meaning than what many consider to be so.

    Intimacy in Creflo Dollar sermon herein deals specifically with understanding, compatibility, ability to share in one another’s plight, worries and happiness. The type of intimacy that exist between a husband and wife of a good marriage, the type of intimacy that exist between parents and children of a happy home.  This type of intimacy brings lasting joy.

    According to him, at first that woman has to feel safe and then she wants to be safe enough to be vulnerable and then the intimacy will be genuine. At the same time, a man doesn’t feel safe because of man law; he’s afraid to be vulnerable because he might feel like he might be discovered or hurt.

    Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Creflo Dollar: “Understanding Biblical Headship – Episode 2”  and stay tuned  as we update you  the latest messages and sermons from Creflo Dollar Ministries .

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