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Pastor Creflo Dollar sermons- The purpose of suffering

    Pastor Creflo Dollar sermons The purpose of sufferingPastor Creflo Dollar teaches us from The book of first peter chapter one and verses six through seven, he says in a series, titled understanding the trials of faith, answering that question why is it that believers have to go through suffering, is suffering something that God actually uses to mature us, is suffering of God or suffering of the devil, why we got to have trouble and so we look at that, but we want to spend time today talking about the trials that peter had to go through, that Paul had to go through and examining the faith of Abraham and really get into this today so you we understand that when you’re confronted with trials, challenging you and your faith, that you have some understanding where you can, you know not be frustrated by it, not run from it not fear it but to stand up against it.


    We must be still and know that God is God and in those situations where you’re being tried, be still in no so there’s some things that we need to know When our faith is on trial first peter chapter 1 and verse 6 and 7 says where in you greatly rejoice though now for a season there may be a need for certain things to happen in your life to get you prepared for certain assignments in your life, if need be you are in heaviness through manifold temptations that the trial of your faith is more precious than Gold.


    Though it be tried with fire, so he says the trial of your faith is more precious than gold that perishes though it be tried with fire then it might be found under praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ the trial of your faith


    The trial of your faith is not just testing your faith to see whether or not you have faith or not, somebody says well you know God got to test me to see if i have faith or not that’s not what the trial of your faith is, literally the purifying of your faith, it is the removing of the impurity of your dependence upon self, it is purifying your faith


    Are you depending on God or are you depending on self, the trial of your faith not the trial of your works, the trial of your faith not the trial of your accomplishments.


    The trial of your faith is to see whether or not you have declared independence from God saying I don’t need God because I got money, I don’t need God because I got education or you made your mind up regardless of what comes in my life, i am going to depend on God and not depend on myself and you’ll find that this whole system, this whole life Satan’s purpose is to get you to declare dependence from God his purpose in everything about our lives is to get us to a place where we say we don’t need God.


    Pastor Creflo Dollar helps us understand that when we under go trials we must remember to completely surrender to God and watch everything go perfectly.


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