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Pastor Creflo Dollar: Confessions and Being A Good EXAMPLE 14 September 2021

    Pastor Creflo Dollar sermon Confessions and Being a good example : We are having another week where we declare that we trust God and need him and cannot do anything without him, when we continue to profess this and believe this, then we believe that we cannot successfully live this Christian life without God and that he is our way out when there is no way, then we become amazing Christians.

    What makes us Christians? Its Jesus Christ who lives in us. Its Jesus that lives in us and old things shall pass away and all things shall become new. We decide that we are going to live our lives representing Christ and when we do that we bear fruits for Christ.

    We should be determined to be living epistles of Christ words, we should be the kind of people that when others look at, they would want to practice our religion which is Christianity. When people look at us, they should be able to see love, joy, and character.

    Character is what people have come to think about a person, its not just what we do in public but also what we do when we are alone and by ourselves. Our characters preach so loudly, when we do not give up or give into the trials of the world, it speaks volume.

    Part of being a good example is knowing when you have to repent , or seek forgiveness or change, being a good Christian is not about being flawless, its about going back to Christ when we have flawed. We should be everything we claim to believe in.

    We are taught by pastor Creflo Dollar that by being a good Christian, a person can look at you and be inspired to change and be better. We should pray that God gives us the strength and ability to be exemplary Christians so that we can win more souls for him by our way of life.


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