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Pastor Craig Groeschel Sermon : Silence Your Negative Thoughts

    Pastor Craig Groeschel Sermon Silence Your Negative Thoughts: 

    The lead pastor of, pastor Craig Groeschel has come through with this wonderful, insightful and inspiring sermon titled ”Silence your negative thoughts” and it is a sermon you would love to listen to.

    Speaking in the sermon, The senior pastor of, Pastor Craig Groeschel said, Sometimes it can be difficult to find hope in everyday situations. Maybe you or someone you know struggles with negative thoughts, and it feels like every day is a bad day. In this message, we’re learning how to fight against negativity and find the positive.


    Sometimes, we’re facing battles that no one else can see. Maybe it’s trying to move forward after loss or uneasiness about the future. What do we do when we don’t understand what we’re feeling and hope seems far away? In our new series, Peace of Mind, we’ll learn how to fight our mental battles and find peace.

    Kindly watch , meditate and learn from this educative sermon by Pastor Craig Groeschel and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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