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PASTOR BRAD WILLIAMS OF BEAVERTON FOURSQUARE CHURCH: Biography, Net worth, Age, Family, wife, Children

    Biography of Pastor Brad Williams of Beaverton Foursquare church

    Brad Williams is senior pastor of the Beaverton Foursquare Church located in 13565 SW Walker Rd, Beaverton, OR 97005, United States. Pastor Brad is a man of high intellect, which is coherent in the myriads of books he has authored.

    Pastor Brad Williams

    The Beaverton Foursquare Church, known also as B4Church or B4, is a Foursquare Pentecostal church located in Beaverton, Oregon, United States.

    Pastor Brad Williams wife

    Pastor Brad Williams married his beloved wife Cheri Williams in 1996 and the duo have been serving in the Lord’s Vine Yard since then.  It is imperative to state that Pastor Brad Williams served as an executive pastor for some years while the wife, Cheri served as a college pastor, before the duo proceeded to Spokane to establish their initial church.

    Pastor Brad Williams

    Pastor Brad Williams Children

    Pastor Brad Williams and Cheri have been together for close to twenty-six years and the union is blessed with about three daughters and of which one of the daughters is married. One of the couple’s hobby is outdoor sports, good food and playing near to water.

    On how Pastor Brad Williams met his beloved and cherished wife Cheri, in the course of his studies at AZ Christian University, Pastor Brad Williams started fellow shipping with a church where he met his cherished wife. The duo connection was quite fast. They shared their dreams and aspirations and which Cheri told Pastor Brad Williams about how she was raised in Hillsboro and that she is molding herself to work in the Lord’ Vine yard, and wish to marry someone that has the pastoral aspirations as she does. Pastor Brad Williams observed that Cheri was his dream his wife and someone that he could work with in the Lord’s vineyard, both having shared the same aspirations.

    Brad Williams Beaverton Four Square Church

    Pastor Brad Williams started having the dream of becoming a Beaverton Four Square Church pastor, when he listened to Pastor Rohl Mehn preach and he told his prospective wife in the person of Cheri , that he thinks of becoming a Foursquare pastor.

    It is instructive to mention, that working in the Lord’s Vine yard wasn’t something Pastor Brad Williams has ever thought about to be part of his life. Pastor Brad Williams while growing up, grew in the midst of businessmen that were extremely successful.

    Pastor Brad Williams growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, his beloved father gave his life to Christ and the single decision of Pastor Brad Williams shifted the entire perception of the family towards God, in addition to Pastor Brad Williams school activities and athletics, Pastor Brad Williams, started appreciating the Omniscient and Omnipotent nature of God and such the path of Jesus that his father toed, started having impact on him, irrespective of the fact that he has not had a personal encounter with Jesus at that time.

    During Pastor Brad Williams days in high school, his dexterity in the swimming team was quite coherent and which earned him to win the Arizona State. 100-meter Butter-fly event in swimming. Pastor Brad Williams university days at the prestigious New Mexico State University, was primarily financed through the scholarship he had through swimming.

    Fundamentally, in the course of Pastor Brad Williams swimming, that he had a personal encounter with Christ. It was a particular day., when he was at the Aquatic centre and the rankings of the conference was pasted on the board and Pastor Brad Williams saw his name put as the highest swimmer in that particular event, he was engulfed with a feeling of meaninglessness.

    Also, after Pastor Brad Williams and wife went to Spokane, in order to be well grounded for the daunting task of opening a new church, they had to start to undergo tutelage at the Redeemer Church Planting Centre, under the distinguished mentor-ship of Tim Keller. After the tutelage at Redeemer Church Planting Centre the couple rooted their own church at Brooklyn.

    It is instructive to mention, that Pastor Brad Williams and his wife met a very pathetic tragedy in 2005 as they were preparing to go and study church planting under the mentor-ship of Tim Keller at the Redeemer Church Planting Centre. At the height of their preparation to leave New York, the youngest daughter of Pastor Brad Williams and Cheri, that was then still a toddler, was run over as her elder sister screamed in reaction to such horror accident.

    However, as God miracles will always manifest in the lives of his children and to the surprise of the medical personnel’s that handled the case, Meg survived that tragic incident and apart from the marks on her chest, she had a broken leg.

    After the Meg accident and some days for healing of Meg’s injuries, they remained undaunted in their journey to Redeemer’s Church Planting Centre. .

    However, after establishing a church in Brooklyn, it was averred that the duo of Pastor Brad Williams and his wife Cheri were still brought back to their starting point or maybe designated as their roots Northwest and which Pastor Brad Williams has been at the helm of affairs of Summit Church in Spokane for the past nine years. Over the years, Summit Church, Spokane has progressed with Pastor Brad Williams overseeing the affairs of that church from the estimated weekly two hundred and fifty congregants to over two thousand, eight hundred thousand weekly.

    The duo of Pastor Brad Williams and his Wife Cheri Williams, having undergone the tutelage of planting churches and which they have been practicing by planting churches in various quarters of the United States of America and also myriads of prospective church planters in the United States are under his tutelage and which has primarily led to establishment of a world-class church planting forum, the Four Square Multiply West Coast of which Pastor Brad Williams, is the Executive Director.

    It is imperative to mention that the wife of Pastor Brad Williams, Cheri Williams do align with the husband in training and mentoring those interested in planting churches. It is also germane to mention that apart from working in the Lord’s Vine yard, Cheri still has a brokerage firm, which keeps herself busy when she is not on the pulpit.

    Finally, as Pastor Brad Williams was at Spokane, he was having myriads of vision that there is a place God wants him to be and he became incessant in his prayers and one day brad opened the bible to Revelation 3: 8 which provides that ‘ Behold I see a Door before You, an no man can close’ that singular version of the bible ignited the movement of Pastor Brad Williams to Beaverton Foursquare.

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