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Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday Live Service August 14 2022

    Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday Live Service August 14 2022: You are welcome to today’s live Sunday servce with Pastor Alph Lukauu at Alleluia Ministries International August 14 2022.

    This is a unique and special Sunday Sunday service of Pastor Alph Lukau filled with praises, worships, thanksgiving and special inspiiring sermoons.

    You can stream and join Pastor Lukau Sunday service today frm anywhere around the world.

    Inviting everyone to this Sunday service, Alph Lukau took to Instagram to write:

    This Sunday God will defeat all your enemies before you. I call on the fire of God against every witch and wizard complotting against you (Luke 10:19). Wherever they have gathered I release a flying angel with a naked sword to destroy every stronghold. We will call on fire to destroy every strongman with a wicked heart in the name of Jesus! Shout fire fire fire”

    Kindly stream and join Pastor Alph Lukau Sunday service today August 14 202 and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and meet you at your points of need.

    Video Credit: Alph Lukau YouTube

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