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Pastor Alph Lukau Morning Glory Service August 28 2022

    Pastor Alph Lukau Morning Glory Service August 28 2022 : 

    You are invited to Morning Glory Service at Alleluia Ministries International with Pastor Arlette today August 28 2022.

    Kindly join today’s Alph Lukau Morning glory service and benefit from the abundant blessings.

    Pastor Alph Lukau is a Bible Scholar, renowned International Speaker and a Power Televangelist. He is also the founder and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International and ministers in different platforms around the world. Pastor Alph Lukau is known around the world as the Apostle of Faith. A man of great humility, integrity and complete submission to God. Under this anointing thousands of people around the world have experienced unique miracles, healings, signs and wonders.

    You can stream Alpha Lukau Sunday Service from anywhere around the world. Join today’s Sunday Glory Service and as you do so, may God bless his words in our hearts and grant us our heart desires.

    Video credit : Pastor Alph Lukau

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