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Special Supersoul Conversation Oprah Winfred and Bishop T.D Jakes: Transform Your Life

    Oprah Winfred and TD Jakes Conversation Transform your life: The American talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist, Oprah Winfred in collaboration with the popular preacher, author, Film maker and founder of Potters House Church of Dallas, Bishop TD Jakes shares this special conversation titled ”Transform your life”

    This is indeed a conversation by two great minds and it is one that is worth you being part of it.

    This conversation by the duo centers on how to transform your life for better. When we are living in the wrong way, we always know. You cannot also being same thing always and expect a change.

    Kindly spare time to listenn to this Oprah Winfred and TD Jakes conversationn and be ready to gather ample knowledge and wisdom.


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