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Open Heaven Daily Devotional September 13 2023: Wait Patiently

    The theme for Open Heaven Daily Devotional September 13 2023 is Wait Patiently.

    SCRIPTURE: “I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.“  Psalm 40:1

    In our Bible reading for today, David said he waited patiently for the Lord. This statement could be interpreted to mean ‘I waited for God’s time’.

    This is because God has a timetable He works with as we see in Psalm 102:13. This however, does not mean that God is bound by time.

    For example, in Isaiah 38:8 when the king wanted a sign that God had heard his prayer, the prophet said confidently that the sun would move 10 degrees backwards and it was so.

    In Joshua 10:12-14, God helped Joshua stop the sun from setting so the Israelites could finish off their enemies. In John 11:21,

    Mary told Jesus that He came too late as her brother was already dead, but the Lord reversed the irreversible and Lazarus came back to life. God can reverse time for your sake too,

    just ensure you wait patiently on Him in faith. ‘I waited patiently’ could also mean, “God, you are my last bus stop. I am not going anywhere else until You answer me”.

    In Genesis 32:24-29, Jacob refused to let the angel go unless he blessed him. It may interest you to know that God likes it when you refuse to let Him go until He blesses you.

    In Luke 18:1-8, Jesus taught about persistent prayers using the example of a widow who would not let a wicked judge rest until she got justice. He explained that if you stay put with God,

    you will get what you are asking for. The daughter of the woman in Matthew 15:22-29 was delivered of unclean spirits because her mother refused to leave Jesus alone,

    even when He told her to go away since she wasn’t a Jew. David said after waiting patiently for the Lord, He inclined to him (Psalm 40:1).

    When God inclines His ear unto you, you can be sure that you would receive your miracle, because whenever God pays attention to someone, a miracle always follows. Wait patiently on God, He is never late.

    Open Heaven 13 September 2023: Key Point

    Never be in a hurry with God.

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