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Open Heaven Daily Devotional October 6 2022

    Open Heaven Daily Devotional October 6 2022

    THEME: Exposing Demonic Operations V

    SCRIPTURE: –Psalms 32:7 “Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.”

    The worst of all demonic operations is possession – that is, when the enemy has taken over completely and is now dwelling inside the victim. Unfortunately, there are many people walking around with one or more demons inside them.

    The mad man of Gadara was possessed by thousands of demons. He was seriously tormented by the demons, but he could not get rid of them. When Jesus sent the demons into the swine, the pigs preferred to drown themselves than to harbour these evil spirits inside them.

    In 1 Samuel 16:14-23, King Saul started acting like a lunatic when he was possessed by an evil spirit. The goal of demons when they possess a person is to use the fellow to carry out the agenda of the devil on earth and then ultimately destroy him or her. When they brought the child that was possessed with a demon to Jesus in Mark 9:22, his father said the demon was trying to destroy the child.

    There are two types of demon-possessed victims; the willing and the unwilling. The willing victims are the ones who have submitted themselves as vessels to be used by the devil to perpetuate his evil work on earth. Witches and wizards are good examples of willing victims. The unwilling victims become possessed through two major ways.

    One is based on their associations. When people stay in places that are conducive for demons, the demons find them as hosts to stay in. I recall a time when a boy was brought to me for deliverance. He had gone somewhere and gotten loaded with so many demons that he could not kneel or walk by himself.

    The second way many people become possessed by demons without knowing is through the things that they expose themselves to like worldly music, movies or sex with a demon-possessed fellow.

    My Father-in-the Lord – Pa Josiah Akindayomi always taught us that music invites spirits. He backed up this claim with 1 Samuel 16:23, where David played godly music to drive away the evil spirit from Saul.

    1 Corinthians 6:16 says that you become one body with whoever you sleep with. Thus, if you sleep with a demon-possessed fellow, the demon gets the full right to possess you too.

    If however, there is any demon within you and you are willing to be delivered, I join my faith with yours and decree that such a demon or demons must leave you now, in Jesus name.

    Open Heavens 6 October 2022 Prayer Points:

    Father, please put an end to every operation of demons in my life today, in Jesus name.

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